I’m going back to The Fountains at The Carlotta because it offers so much more, and I have so many friends there. They have activities galore. They have anything you really need to have in life. I had a fabulous room, but unfortunately it is gone now to another person because I left. However, the rooms are wonderful. They have studios and a 1-bedroom with a living room and a kitchen area. It’s your choice according to what you want to pay. The service from the aides is fabulous. And food is very good. It’s more bland, but you’re dealing with people who are older and with people with different diet, so it is understandable why they do what they do.

Review by barbara581622

I visited The Fountains. The staff was very good. The rooms were very nice. The grounds were very spacious. They had a lot of activities. It was attractive, and they had a lot of pluses. The food was very good.

Review by Robert107428650

The Fountains at The Carlotta has fabulous activities and friendly people. I’m new, so yesterday they had a party for new people with hors d’oeuvres and everything. Everybody came up to greet us. It has its own Carlota Cafe beside the dining room. It’s immaculate, and the grounds are kept beautifully with gorgeous flowers. I have a casita, a regular little house with a patio.

Review by Nancy

I love The Carlotta; that’s where I would like to go. It truly is a lovely place. It’s cozy and small enough where you will know mostly everyone in a short amount of time, which is nice. I went over there for an art class one summer with two other friends and we all decided that that is where we want to go when we need that type of community. Everybody is welcoming. You feel at home. I know a lot of people there, which makes it nice, too. They have assisted living, outings, music, special wine happy hour, movies twice a day, art classes, exercise classes, and they’ll take you to the church of your choice on Sunday. It is close to everything. When someone moves out, they redo the apartment to the new owners’ specifications. You choose from what they have but you can make choices, which I think is nice. There is an open feeling in a lot of the units.

Review by Patty

The Fountains at The Carlotta was clean, neat, and well organized. The people were very friendly. The rooms were very nice, and the one I am getting is going to be renovated. I was impressed with the place as it fits my needs.

Review by Sotera

I visited a dear friend in this facility and found it to be lovely. There were three different places to eat at almost anytime you choose. The formal dining rooms was so pretty and comfortable that you would never guess that it was in an assisted living facility. All the clients that I met while visiting my friend seemed very happy and were enjoying each other’s company. My friend needed to be taken to and from medical appointments and this was always done on time and with professionalism. The area where this facility is located is close in to all your needs but set back off a well traveled street on a short street that doesn’t go through. It is gated and manned 24 hours a day for security. I highly recommend this to any of you or your loved one.

Review by Donda

We visited The Fountains at The Carlotta. We were pleased with everything we found there. They had a card playing room, a library, and a main meeting room. Outside, there was a golf putting course, so we were very pleased with all the facilities. They also had two swimming pools. We saw the dining room and were very pleased with it. We didn’t really eat there, but we were pleased with the facility.

Review by Walter877288

The staff and caregivers were truly a blessing following my father’s discharge from the hospital. They nursed Dad back to some semblance of himself following his fall and surgery. I really appreciate Lori T. and her management of the staff and assisting me in a very difficult time. In addition, upon discharge from Carlotta, Renee H. with Social Services at Carlotta really helped me in getting the necessary items for Dad following his stay. Dad and I couldn’t have done it without them! Loved the receptionist, Donna!!

Review by father-s-caregiver

The Fountains at The Carlotta was very nice and very clean. The setting was very lovely. It looked very comfortable and inviting. They have a nice restaurant and outdoor eating areas that looked inviting. I really liked it. I want to stay there when the time comes. The community is very accommodating to family members. The staff was super-friendly and very accommodating. They even called back to see if we were still looking around. The people seemed very happy there.

Review by Juli

I feel privileged to work here….. Amazing company, amazing staff and amazing residents.

Review by Lisa Braunston-Hollinger

I’ve been here two separate times and I Luv it! Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!! The Staff is Amazing, professional, Friendly and made my stay feel as if I were at home! The Administration help with any and All my Questions, The Nurses Always made sure I was comfortable and Addressed my needs of my medications accordingly, The CNA’S were well trained and even spoiled me by bringing me my sugar free snacks without even me asking me, and that to me made me feel very special! Everyone calling me by my name made me feel more like home then a Skilled Nursing Facility! With my Physical and Occupational There is No Doubt They Are The BEST!! REASSURING ME AND TEACHING ME HOW TO MAKE MYSELF STRONGER PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY! I KNOW I CAN CALL EACH AND EVERYONE “FRIEND “! With the fact that this was my 4th & 5th surgery on my knee, (the others done out of state) FROM ADMINISTRATION TO NURSING, THERAPY,KITCHEN, MAINTENANCE, HOUSE KEEPING EVERYONE MADE MY STAY PLEASANT & I DO GIVE THEM ALLFOR ALL THEY DID FOR ME AND EVERYONE THERE, THANK YA’LL FOR MY AWESOME STAY BOTH TIMES & I WOULD NOT WANT TO STAY ANYWHERE ELSE! MAY GOD BLESS EACH & EVERYONE OF YA’LL FOR THE PART EACH INDIVIDUAL PLAYED TO MAKE ME HEALTHY AND WALKING AGAIN!! I’M GONNA MISS YA’LL!!

Review by Priscilla Ayala

After a fall that destroyed my left arm & leg I was sent to Carlotta. At first I was such a mess I just lay there to mend. The nurses were beyond kind & got me moving esp. Elda, David & Cynthia my wound nurse! The therapists really know their stuff in 3 long months I went from 3 man assistant. It takes 3 persons to move Seyou: to no assistance for most! Thank you so much for hours of kindness, humor & skill esp Arunna, Jade, Stephany,Theresa & Amy. Administrative Staff made my transition go smoothly thanks to Lolli & Lori. This is hard work people, long hrs and very few pats on the back! I agree whole heartedly with the 5 star rating.

Review by Patricia OBrien Nixt

Simply the best skilled nursing, assisted living and independent care center in the Coachella valley. Wonderful activity programs for all patients and the care is exceptionally spectacular!

Review by Loretta Gilmore

For my 97 year old father, this place is a blessing, at least, so far. He went into the skilled nursing after a serious 911 call that left him very weak. They did a great job bringing him back to life, and he grew very fond of the staff. We moved him next door into the Assisted living side, and so far, he is happy and being well cared for. My Dad has been in two other places he did not like, so I hope this one works for him long term.

Review by Rhianne Newlahnd
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My father-in-law was moved from another assisted living facility to the Fountains for rehab. The family decided it would be best to move his belonging from the other facility to the Fountain assisted living when his rehab ended. After an evaluation by the Fountain staff it was recommended he would be better served moving to their high level nursing section instead. Dawn, the move coordinator at the Fountains, handled everything for our family as there are no other family members in the Palm Springs area. She handled the entire move from the other facility to the Fountains, arranged his apartment so he could move in seamlessly with decorations and pictures on the walls and etc. After the decision to move him to skilled nursing, Dawn handled the move of his apartment belongings again to a nearby storage facility. She also ensured he would have a shelving unit for family pictures in his skilled nursing room and hung paintings and larger pictures on the walls of his room. She was very communicative during this two week process and was excellent working with. We could not have done this without her valuable help.

Review by Tom from Texas

I have a relative that has lived here, and continues to be a resident at the Fountains for the past 9 years. At 94, my mother is still living quite independently as you can in a community of this sort.  A few years ago, she did fracture her hip in a fall, but after a brief stay at the hospital for the surgery, her 7 weeks at the skilled nursing facilities was handled and done in a most professional way.

In the few emergency times she had to use the emergency system they have in place there (wrist band or pendant), the response was I’m sure much faster than most if not any 911 emergency call from a home or business.

Frankly, I’m a little at a loss at some of the negative comments I have engaged myself to read here, I’m sure they are written with sincerity and not done with malice, But these comments, together with my own experience for nine years, is what has  prompted my review, actually.

Review by Richard B.

My Mom recently had hip surgery, and had some complications enough where she was 5 days at Eisenhower Medical Center, and needed additional recovery and rehab time. Eisenhower discharge planning gave me a list of centers, highlighting/recommending four facilities I should look at for my Mom. Treating the review very seriously (as one should), I created a ranking chart that would help me rank side by side the facilities: Ambiance (9/10); Clean (9/10), Hospitality (10/10); Care (8/10); PT (8/10); WiFi (10/10); Single Rooms (7/10); TV (7/10); Food (8/10); Dining Hall (8/10); Activities (10/10); Salon (8/10); Parking (10/10) = Total of(112). There 112 total blew away second place finisher of 74. ============== Scores of other facilities reviewed: Manor Care (74)  Brookdale (73)  Rancho Mirage (68) ============== Lori, their Admissions Director, was impressive, caring, and real. I got a good sense of what the 46 beds Fountains at The Carlotta could offer.  Incidentally, besides short-term rehab, they have long term residents and skilled nursing. I wasn’t wrong in what I viewed as a potential place, and was lucky that they had a Medicare eligible bed, single room, when my Mom was discharged.  She loved the fresh homemade food, her 2x day Physical Therapists, the aids, and the nurses.  She participated the final week of her 25 day stay in activities that they offered.  (Personally, I would have also gone to their very nice movie theater on prem, happy hours each day, and the hair salon to keep lookin’ sharp). [Constructive criticism: the one thing they could approve are the patient rooms.  They are very plain in décor and color.] Kudos to the staff (and Lori), thank you for everything!  She’s on the mend!

Review by Randy B.

After having surgery for a broken hip at Eisenhower Medical Center, I spent five weeks in the Skilled Nursing Facility at the Fountains at the Carlotta.   My experience was like staying at a five star resort!  From the time I checked in until I was discharged I was treated like a VIP.  Everyone on the staff was very gracious and professional.  The nurses were very compassionate and the physical therapy and occupational therapy staff was exceptional.  I found the CNAs to be very attentive and accommodating.  They cheerfully fulfilled any and all requests.  The facility was spotless. The cuisine was very nutritious, plentiful, and well prepared.  The entire facility had a very positive and refreshing atmosphere. Nobody looks forward to staying in a skilled nursing facility after surgery, but I have to admit, I found myself reluctant to leave.  I am convinced there is no better place to recoup after surgery than the Fountains at the Carlotta!!

Review by Denny M.

My 96 year old Grandmother was so happy with the care she received in the skilled nursing section, she wanted to stay there for the rest of her life!  After a dangerously low sodium level, she ended up in the ICU at Eisenhower for several days.  After she recovered, she was moved to the Carlotta skilled nursing section and they took really good care of her there.  So much so, she decided to move into the assisted living section permanently.  They have rehabilitated her to the point where she is able to walk again with their wonderful physical therapists.  The staff have gone the extra mile, seeing to it that she is comfortable.  There is an on site hair salon, church services, transportation provided to outside doctor’s appointments, delicious food cooked by a gourmet chef.  Would highly recommend.

Review by Lisa G.

My 94 year old mother, birthday today 5/18, has been in her own apartment here at the Carlotta for 8 years. After a recent emergency surgery she was discharged to the skilled nursing facility and spent the last 3 weeks here. The care was amazing!! From Sue, the administrator to Lori, the Patient Coordinator, the house doctor, Dr Wu, and nursing staff, PT, OT, and all the staff. Caring, efficient professionals all. Thank you all for taking such good care of our mom.

Review by Denise M.

This is an update to my last review in 2011.

My dad passed away in September of last year.  He was 86. He died of complications from bladder cancer.

My mom was devastated. After dad died, she considered leaving Carlotta, but decided to stay. She has so many friends there, she has responsibilities, she is active in the chapel ministry, is in a singing group, she loves her physical therapist, Mica, etc.

She decided to move out of that apartment (too many memories) from a two bedroom, two bath apartment to a one/one. She lives right next door to one of her best friends. The Carlotta staff moved everything for us. We redecorated, did her bedroom in pink and white, and designed her living space with creams, whites, lavenders and purple. They are her favorite, very feminine colors, which she would never have used with Dad around!  The women of Carlotta circled their wagons around her and gave her love and care when she needed it most. Many of them knew first hand what she was going through.

We had Dad’s memorial service at Carlotta too. The staff was wonderful, so accommodating, and patient. Mom knows most of the staff personally by now. It’s an extended family to her.

My point is that I can’t imagine how lost and alone my mom would be right now if they hadn’t decided to move into Carlotta while they were still “kicking.” I see women and men living alone in houses they refuse to leave, and I think, if only they could see what they are missing. If they only knew how rich these years could be.

Review by Debra K.

After reading reviews about skilled nursing facilities, no one can imagine such a horrible experience.  So, when my father was transferred from Eisenhower to Carlotta, you hope things will be ok.  At Carlotta, so far through four days, this is a fantastic facility and you should feel great about having someone in your family stay there.

My brother called there during the day and Lori Torres answered the phone on the first ring and was so accommodating. I later met her and was impressed by her personality and caring nature. She was so good with my Dad and just made him feel so good, though I am not sure he remembers.

The nursing staff is attentive and has their act together. The job they do to get elderly people on and off the toilet is not a job anyone can do.  They really do care about their patients. I would name all the staff but feel badly that I may leave someone’s name out, but they know who they are.

The therapy staff has been wonderful.  Zach is great with PT and really helping my father. I have not met the OT staff nor the Speech folks, but my sister did meet Kashia (hope that’s her name) from OT and was impressed.

The room is terrific, big … spacious and pretty well appointed. Best of all, it was very clean. The food looks good too, so that’s a good felling knowing your Dad will be well fed.

I have not met the DR yet, so can’t give a review on him.

If someone in your family needs a skilled nursing facility in the Palm Springs area, look no further than The Fountains at the Carlotta. Rest assured, if your experience is anything like mine has been so far, you can feel good knowing this person will be taken care of.

BTW, this is only the second review I have ever written on YELP and my first one was not good for that business. So, to write something positive is a good feeling, especially with everything going on around the world.

Review by Rusty F.
You’ll find that the residences at The Fountains are nearly as varied as the residents themselves.
Stop by for coffee, cookies and conversation, and relax while you read the morning paper.