Experienced Palm Desert Fathers Share Sage Advice

There’s no single how-to manual for being a good dad but experienced fathers living at The Fountains at The Carlotta are offering advice as their Father’s Day gift to young dads.

Having finished raising their children decades ago, Chad Johnson, Bob Williamson and Ken Crosby are great dads who admit they might have done a few things differently had they known then what they know now. Here are words each of them offered about the most important aspects of being a good father.

Johnson, a father of three, said his favorite quote is also his best advice to today’s dads: “The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” (Source unknown.)

Wherever there are kids, there are mistakes being made and lessons to be taught. Many families think of fathers as the disciplinarians of the family. As an experienced father of three, Williamson said, “It’s okay to be hard on your children as needed. Talk to them about what they did wrong and why not to do it again.”

At the end of a long day, remembering and modeling all the ways to be a good parent may seem overwhelming. Crosby, another Dana Point father of three, put it all into perspective when he told fathers: “Just be happy with children because they grow up so fast.” Any empty nester would agree.

With all of the competing demands placed on fathers, being a good dad is not easy. Chad Johnson, Bob Williamson and Ken Crosby hope that their hindsight might in some small way help today’s young fathers raise great kids and look back with no regrets.

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