Carlotta Resident Spends 96th Birthday on the Race Track

When John McDonald turned 90, he made a bucket list, a list of items he’s never done that he hoped to one day do. One of the items on that list was driving a car over 100 miles an hour. The Fountains at The Carlotta set up a day for Mr. McDonald to go to the BMW Performance Center in Thermal to take a ride around the track for his 96th birthday. “It felt like I was flying, on the ground but flying. The turns came up so quick. They were in and out of them before I knew they were in and out of them,” McDonald said. Click here to view the article and video published on Channel 3 News. Other items Mr. McDonald has scratched off includes parasailing, skydiving, and swimming over a mile in open water in an Idaho lake. McDonald said he is far from finished from scratching of the bucket list. He will always live by his motto, “Decide what you’d like to do and then do it while you can.”

On Race Day at the BMW Performance Driving School and Test Track, Mr. McDonald was accompanied by close friends and neighbors from The Fountains. Arrangements had been made to make the day extraordinary for everyone involved, including a visit to the Spectators Viewing Suites at the exclusive Thermal Club. As an added surprise, the kind folks at the BMW center opened up the track to everyone in attendance and provided residents and associates the opportunity to experience their own ‘hot lap’ in the high-performance BMWs with the professional drivers.

Upon return to The Fountains, the participants were able to share their tales of glory at a special Popcorn Screening in the community auditorium.

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